Facebook Video Downloader Download videos from Facebook

Step 1
Copy Video URL

Play the video, then Right Click -> Show video URL.

Step 2
Paste URL in the above field

Paste the URL of the text box provided. then pleae see in next step

Step 3
Click "Download" button to save video

Click on "Download" button. This process would take a few seconds. This is the time you should not refresh or re-load the page.

Supported Sources

More coming soon

Frequently asked questions.
The downloaded files are usually saved into the folder that you have set as your default folder. Normally, your browser sets this for you. You can change and select the destination folder manually for the videos downloaded.
Only after streaming of videos finish, you can download Live Videos of Facebook.
Videos aren’t stored by Raindl. Also downloaded videos aren’t copied by Raindl. Facebook’s servers host all the videos. Also download histories of our users aren’t followed by us, which makes Raindl completely anonymous.
Absolutely yes, because we are working on a new Firefox addon that works the same like our Chrome extension.