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The fastest and the easiest Way to download any kind of videos online. Raindl is the best available online tool that you can download all kinds of videos free. By this tool, you can download videos from social media like Facebook, Instagram and etc by using URL of those videos. To download the video, you should enter the URL in the text box and press the Download option for downloading the video in the available format.

One of the most used social media is Facebook, that millions of videos are shared in it each minute. You can watch the videos online, but sometimes you may like to download them. Now, what will you do? For downloading a video, you don’t need to download any software. You can now download videos just by one click online from Facebook.

Downloading videos is very easy with Raindl. You are able to download videos without any other software or tool. Though videos in Facebook getting attractive, they are downloaded a lot. Doesn’t matter whether it is your favorite song, motivational speech, DIY or anything else, you can copy paste URL of the video and the video will be downloaded in few minutes.

You can download your favorite videos in your laptop using Facebook video downloader and you can see them if you are not connected to Facebook too. Because these videos are downloaded to hard disk of your computer, you can watch the videos anytime without the internet connection.

Are you searching a better and faster option for downloading Facebook videos? If yes, then your search ends with Raindl. You can download the Facebook videos without having fear about ads or spam. You don’t have to register yourself on websites and waste your valuable time. You can just use URL of the video from Facebook and download it without wasting time. You may like some videos on your timeline and want to watch them then. So, you don’t need to wait, use Raindl for downloading the videos in few minutes.

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