Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Raindl Video Downloader for Facebook?

Downloading public videos from Facebook is so easy. If you want to download a video, copy its link and paste it in the input box. After pasting the link, you should click the download button that will take you to another page. You can select the link that you want to download. Raindl is completely free and you don’t need to register.

How do I use Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

• At first, you should add Raindl (Facebook Video Downloader) extension to the browser
&bull. After that, you can go to specific Facebook page that has the video you want to download.
&bull. When you reach to the page, you will see the download (SD or HD) button in green color. You should click that button. It will take you automatically to the download page and you can save your video.

How do I download private videos from Facebook?

Do you want to download private videos from Facebook? If yes, then you can download private videos with a private video downloader like raindl.com/private-downloader. Only those who can see code of the video are able to download that video. This fantastic tool lets you get the video and it allows the video to be still private. Surely, we respect copyrights of the videos we download.

Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

When you download a file, it is often saved to the folder you set as your default folder. Normally, the default video is set by your browser. You can then change and select the destination folder manually for the Facebook videos you download.

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

When streaming is completed, you are able to save the live Facebook videos to your computer or other devices by use of Raindl Facebook Video Downloader chrome extension.

Does Raindl store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos?

The videos aren’t saved by the Raindl. We also don’t keep copies of videos downloaded. Facebook’s servers host all the videos. We also don’t follow download histories of the users, which makes use of Raindl completely anonymous.

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